How appreciation worked better for me than criticism !

To start with, I  am sure we all had been through or have been around someone who always criticize. The first thing we do is avoidance and we seek out to associates or friends whose more at the positive side. Similarly, the same response is being experienced in every walk of life. Emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, anger narrow downs our focus and decreases our cognitive abilities to perform well. Conversely, when we feel happy and upbeat we are most likely to perform better with inclusive focus.

To share my own experience, of graduate and postgraduate tenure, I was once (during my Master’s) too shy, introvert and in inferiority complex. The main reason behind was being told by the surroundings that the things will remain new for you, you haven’t came across to the lab techniques ever in your life how will you cope up, you won’t be able to write and finish, you won’t meet your deadline, why are you always so overwhelmed. All of these comments stuck up in my mind and I started feeling that, yes, things are impossible for me and I won’t be able to make it. I was in constant pressure and mostly scared and confused, that obviously affected my results.

On the other hand, when I started doing the job when I was incharge of myself I did far better with opposite results. In addition to it, when PhD came my way and when I designed my own project and got appreciation that no one can do this better than me. It made me worked harder, I keep on proving myself, and everything seems easy to me. Despite of the fact, PhD is a long term commitment with multi task orientation, with equally new techniques and system still everything seems manageable because of the support and positivity. It always gave me hope to do best and to be the best version of myself.  In contrast, during  past everything was difficult and a burden.

A whole gush of positivity came from appreciation of my surrounding and the most important role played was and will be my Boss. We don’t know what treasure we carry in ourselves until we look deep inside and that only comes with the help of  encouragement and appreciation. This will in turn, improves the quality of self esteem, physical as well as mental well being.

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