Sheffield Vs London

Hello! Rabia Sannam Khan here. I recently started my Ph.D. course in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in March 2018. Before this, I spent two years in London for my Masters in Oral Pathology.

Well, travelling to a foreign country and making adjustments is a whole different experience for all of us. Since being in London and moving down here I have found profound differences. Most of all, the instant gush of cold weather I experienced here is far greater and more intense than London, where it was a lot warmer. Moreover, the people and the systems around here are quite serene. Being in London for more than a year, I have gone through a roller coaster ride, indeed adrenaline rush, which brought out the best of my potential, improved my communication skills, freedom of speech and, most importantly, gave me the clear idea of what I want from life. It was difficult to survive sometimes, by handling everything on your own and having no backup and a hectic way of life with no guidance from anyone. Though it gave me all the courage and confidence to stand up, always, in every walk of life.

Furthermore, here in Sheffield, apart from the extreme weather, getting an apartment at the best cheap price, within walking distance from the University, having no costs of travelling, sweet and friendly people, with a less crowded, calmer and smaller place, supportive supervisor and research team totally won my heart.  It truly makes me feel the decision of taking the admission in this University was wise and will come out to be the best for my future. It gives me a feeling of doing the highest degree under less pressure and in a pleasant and peaceful way.

At the end of the day, both places seem to be very interesting and definitely teach lessons of life. One wouldn’t miss the chance to live in both places.  It is also exciting and fascinating how quickly foreigners blend in and adjust to a new environment, having come from the most opposite world, weather, society and environment.


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  1. Dr Rashid Lectures says:

    Absolutely amazing….
    A Wonderful blog comparing the two awesome places in UK. I 100% agree, Moving to a new place especially UK ask for drastic changes in life style, weather, food, transportation, accommodation etc.
    A complete description by you Dr Rabia 👍

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