My advice to MSc students

Meet Mueed Jamal
Assistant Manager for Research and Development at Pakistan Ordnance Factories.

Industry: Defence, Manufacturing
Nationality: Pakistani
Degree: MMet Advanced Metallurgy
Graduation year: 2012

The most important point I can make is for you to focus on your project! Participate in extra-curricular activities where you can but remain focused on your studies as competition is tough and a degree with extremely good results will help you make your mark.

If you’re goal is to work within industry, I recommend looking for placements and two year graduate programmes during your project (way before your graduation ceremony). No matter if you’re aiming to become a Dr. or General Manager in some renowned international engineering firm; your MSc project will support your future career.

Sart building skills for your resume (CV), and participate in as many presentations as you can to develop your confidnece. Being an international student, this aidied in improving both my level of English and communication skills.

Also, keep a very healthy relationship with your Department and Faculty members, in particular your Project Supervisor as they can offer you a huge amount of advice and support in applying for jobs.

I had my first interview at Sheffield Forgemasters back in February 2012, just a month after my graduation ceremony, but a mistake I made was not speaking with my Supervisor first for guidance on how to prepare. They can often put you in touch with recent graduates who are working in industry, or even at the same company you are applying, to gain extra insight.

Has my degree helped in preparing for working in industry? Absolutely! My degree has been very worthwhile and I’m very proud to be a graduate from the University of Sheffield.  Having a degree from Sheffield has definitely boosted my CV, not just for jobs but for PhD applications as well.





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