The life of an MSc student

Julia working in the XRD Facilities.

The rhythm of my days and weeks have been changing during this year.

During the first term, I took the core modules of my programme, as the lectures were divided during the week, this allowed me to take part in activities the Students’ Union offers, including ‘Give it A Go‘. I had the opportunity to experience various activities including one class of ultimate frisbee, Swedish back massage, fencing, and kayaking amongst others. And during the weekends, they offer ‘Day Trips’, which was a great way to visit other cities, without taking time out from my studies.

By the second term, my project had been assigned and the lab work started, along with weekly meetings with my supervisor and the other MSc and PhD students. One of the extra activities that I continued to do, was going to the History Walks every Thursday, which is a wonderful way to get to know the City, from the Botanical Gardens to the City Centre.


During exam period I love going to the Library. If I have to revise by myself I like going to the silent study area on Western Bank. It is a propitious place to concentrate, and in addition has a lovely view of the pond with ducks of the Weston Park, which is very relaxing. But, if is group study, I prefer to go to The Diamond, which has spacious general study areas, and group rooms.

Now it’s June, lectures and exams have gone so it’s time to focus on the project.

I work on the L-floor of the Hadfield building where research on Functional Materials and Devices takes place. I also get to use the XRD Research Facility to characterise the powder that I’m working on.

Normally, I prepare lunch in the morning and I eat it on the B floor of the Pam Liversidge building; an open space with couches and tables, where many of my classmates that are also working on their projects sit to eat.

On weekends I like go to for dinner or a drink on Division Street as it has several places to choose from. But my favourite place to go and relax on Sundays is in Endcliffe Park, taking any of the walking paths that appear in front of me – you can even end up at the Peak District, where you can see sheep and flowers, and watch the City in the distance.

Julia 🙂

2 thoughts on “The life of an MSc student

  1. Maria Amparo Esparza says:

    Oh, que fabuloso, inicialmente no entendí, pero hoy lo pude abrir completo, te veo muy contenta,¡ me encantó la bata del laboratorio! todos tus compañeros, son muy jóvenes, y tu eres muuucho mas bonita en persona, me gustaría ver fotos de tu entorno especialmente de The Diamond y de tu refugio de fin de semana, Endcliffe Park, trataré de obtener la vista, por lo visto está algo lejos para disfrutar la vista que describes. Te agradezco muchísimo compartirme estas tus experiencias maravillosas. Adelante, no te olvides que eres nuestra princesa y te extrañamos y queremos mucho pero estamos felices de que estés haciendo lo que quieres y te gusta hacer, Saludos cariñosos y pido a Dios te mande muchas bendiciones y te proteja, Hasta pronto.

  2. Victor says:

    que tal Julia, que intererante encontrarte aqui. Espero recorder tu nombre la proxima vez que te vea.

    Muchos saludos!! te mando mis mejores deseos!!

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