The Future according to Miodownik

© Professor Mark Miodownik

On Tuesday 1 December we were lucky enough to be able to welcome Prof Mark Miodownik of UCL to Sheffield, to give the annual Hatfield lecture (a public lecture on Materials; we regularly get towards 500 people coming, which I’m sure has nothing to do with the free buffet and wine afterwards…).

Mark gave his vision for the likely areas of future developments in Materials; looking at ways materials can continue to make our lives better. He predicted that there would be advances in materials for medicine, for energy efficiency (and a step change in how we use, and re-use, materials) and in the materials we make our cities out of.

One of his main points was how work on materials needs to be connected across the length scales, from fundamental investigations up to real applications, to make sure that discoveries actually have an impact. To do this, materials in the future will need to be even more interdisciplinary than it already is, with Materials Scientists and Engineers being willing to interact with designers, makers and users of all types.

You can watch the full lecture via our YouTube channel.

Dr Russell Goodall



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