Joining the Department; Undergraduate Admissions

Hello, I’m Russell Goodall, one of the Department’s academics. My research is focussed on new alloys and their properties, especially metal foams and sponges, and silver and precious metal alloys.

I’ve been in Sheffield for almost 8 years now, but I can still remember when I first arrived, and how quickly I felt at home. This length of experience maybe means I’ve seen a few other pubs than Richard, and while I’d agree with what he says in his post about the Hallamshire House, I’d also put a shout in for the York, the Dev Cat or (harder to find) the Blake Hotel in Walkley for the best pint around.

As well as research and teaching, I’m the Undergraduate admissions tutor. We’ve just started our annual cycle of open days for UCAS applicants, and at long last we are able to show off The Diamond (or at least the first 2 floors, I’ve not been able to find enough time in the day to go higher than that!)

Our traditional luck with the weather has more or less held, with this last Thursday being the best day of the week, so fingers crossed we can go another year without having to break out the Departmental umbrellas to get people around. Let’s hope for nice Thursdays for the next 2 weeks!

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